What's a Citation Manager?

Use a Citation Manager to:

  • organize your references;
  • automatically format citations and compile a bibliography; and
  • store links and (in some cases) full-text articles with their references.

Which one should I use?





Great for...

...using just a few sources for a single project.

...integrating citations automatically as you write in Word or in Google Docs.

...building a research collection to use on multiple projects--even after leaving YU.

...collecting citation information from social media and websites.

Learning curve

Very easy Medium Easy
Word processor integration* Copy & paste MSWord or Google Docs, via add-on MSWord or Google Docs, via add-on
Stores/ organizes articles No Yes Yes


*Word processor integration refers to creation/insertion of in-text citations or citation numbers within the text of your document as you write it, and automated creation/insertion of the Works Cited or Bibliography list.