Industry/Consumer Market Info

Start with  YUFind, a google-type search engine, to find full-text articles on your industry/product.    eg., If you’re thinking of developing a grocery store app, you can enter: MOBILE APPS AND GROCERY SHOPPING.
Proquest Business Databases For certain industries, you can find comprehensive analysis in First Research Industry Profiles.
Factiva  see SAMPLE SEARCHES: Factiva




Company Profiles and Product Info

Company Information can be found in:




SWOT analyses (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, &  Threats)      [Note: data from 1 year ago]

·       Enter company name in the first search box.

·        Enter SWOT in the 2nd search box, and limit it to SUBJECT.

 Hoover's Company Profiles - co. history, competitors, products, rankings, and related industry information.

·        Enter company name in the first search box.

·        Enter Hoover's in 2nd search box; in drop-down menu select JOURNAL TITLE/SOURCE.


Lexis-Nexis Academic Universe - company snapshot, financials, and news

Online Resources Outside YU