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 YUFind  -search many databases at once  including Rambi (index of articles on Jewish  studies). 

birkat kohanim

TIP I: Think of terms that might appear in an article on your topic. Limit those terms to the SUBJECT or ABSTRACT of the article.


Topic: How Pokemon has become a sort of religion to gameists.
Keywords Searched:  Pokeman,  religion
Search Results: very few
New Search:
1st search box: "computer games" or "electronic games" 
        [Search field limited to SUBJECT]
2nd search box: Religio* (* searches both religious or religion)
     [Search field limited to SUBJECT]

Results: More, targeted articles

Check out the above search!

TIP II:  You can filter your results in the left margin  of the results page, by
 a)  language

 b)  subject (even Hebrew subject)
 c)  publication title

Google Scholar (overlaps with YUFind content, but has unique items)

Google Scholar is particularly helpful when there are variant spellings for words, such as
         kabbalah halitza

Google Scholar search will give you the most common spelling which you can then use in a different database/search engine, such as YUFind.

 halitza ritual

TIP I:  Set your Google Scholar preferences
   to  enable  full-text linking to  YU-subscribed journals.

TIP II: If your English transliteration of a Hebrew  term doesn’t yield results, instead use English  keywords that describe the concept.

 Eg.: Instead of  kabbala,  symbols, use Jewish mysticism,  symbols


ProQuest Psychology Journals
 - includes many full-text articles and dissertations not indexed in YUFind.

(chassidi* or hassidi*)
 and rebbe 

 TIP:  Use variant spellings and/or synonyms to ensure good results.