Rare materials from Yeshiva University’s Special Collections are presented in the Digital Library, with the goals of enhancing research and teaching at the University and of benefitting scholars worldwide.

Rabbi Majrim (Meir) Hillel Rappaport, the Bialystoker Maggid (1870?-1963), was popularly known as the king of darshanim (preachers), in the tradition of the great preachers of yore. This recording is a rare example of a speech, probably delivered at a wedding or sheva brachot between 1945 and 1948. 

The Cantorial manuscripts are primarily from the early 20th century, from Eastern Europe and the United States, and include liturgical music for solo and choral compositions for weekdays, Sabbath and holiday services, weddings and other occasions. 

Einstein and Yeshiva University celebrates the centennial of the seminal scientific articles Einstein published in 1905, the 75th anniversary of Yeshiva College and the 50th anniversary of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine. The exhibit explores the relationship between Einstein and the University during its formative years and his interactions with its first two presidents.
The Henry Morais Papers is made up of incoming correspondence of this rabbi and journalist, son of the prominent Jewish leader Sabato Morais.  Consists of over 2000 items from more than 600 correspondents documenting Jewish religious, communal and intellectual life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.   Digital contents can be viewed by selecting the link for each folder in the "Detailed Description of the Collection" section of the collection's finding aid.
The Auras Memorbuch is an example of the art of manuscript decoration that experienced a renaissance in Central Europe in the 18th century. The Memorbuch was written and illustrated by Binyamin Ze'ev (Wolff Jacob) of Kempen in Breslau in 1765, and dedicated in the neighboring community of Auras in 1803.
New York Synagogue Bulletins collection, assembled from organizational records held by the Yeshiva University Archives, is a fully searchable set of bulletins published by several leading Modern Orthodox synagogues in New York. It contains items from 1925 through 1994 (with gaps).
The Prague Bible is an illuminated manuscript of the Bible (Tanakh) with Rashi's commentary. It was completed in Prague in 1489. 
Rabbi Doctor Norman Lamm Lectures consists of lectures, speeches, and shiurim delivered by Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm prior to and during his years as President of Yeshiva University.
The Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm Sermons collection is comprised of approximately eight hundred sermons that Rabbi Lamm delivered over a period of almost fifty years. The sermon manuscripts, and some eulogies as well, were digitized by the Library and are available as part of the Lamm Heritage website.
Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry Posters collection consists of posters from the Student Struggle for Soviet Jewry (SSSJ) Records held by Yeshiva University Archives. In addition to publicity posters, the collection contains many unique, hand drawn placards used by participants at protests and rallies in support of Soviet Jewry.
Yeshiva University Libraries Manuscripts

Yeshiva University’s manuscript collection, housed in the Mendel Gottesman Library’s Alfred Solomon and Evelyn H. Solomon Rare Book Room, includes documents of rabbinic and  historic interest. The digital versions of the manuscripts on this site represent a selected portion of the library’s manuscript collection.

The Yeshiva University Student Yearbooks collection includes yearbooks from Yeshiva College for Men (Masmid) and Stern College for Women (Kochaviah), from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law (Cardozo School of Law Yearbook), from the Teachers Institute for Men (Nir), a program for training Hebrew teachers, and from the University's affiliated boys and girls high schools (Elchanite and Elchanette).