Yeshiva University Libraries' mission is to nurture excellence in pursuit of the liberal arts and sciences, support professional education, promote faculty scholarship, and advance the university as a center for Jewish studies. The libraries will achieve this through commitment to service, accessible collections, comprehensive information resources, engaging programs, and an inviting, functional, and flexible physical environment.


  • Librarians are available to faculty, staff and students for individual consultations. 
  • Librarians will create a customized research guide for your course. 
  • Requests for assistance

Schedule a Library Class

Librarians offer classes that teach students research techniques; how to identify, locate and evaluate sources and do course-related research. Classes are designed in consultation with faculty members and are generally most effective when tied to specific assignments.

To request a Library class please fill out the following: Library Instruction Request Form.

Open Educational Resources (OER)

Adopting open educational resources (OER) presents an opportunity to customize your courses and enable equal access to course materials for your students.

  • Since OER can be revised and reworked, it's possible to create customized resources that fit your specifications and learning objectives.
    • You can teach exactly what you want and how you want to teach it.
    • There is no conforming to a framework from a textbook publisher—you control the content used and content repurposed.
  • Enable all students to have equal access to course materials.
    • Students will have their course materials from day one, with no delay in learning or need to play catch up later.
    • As the cost of textbooks has exponentially grown year after year, more and more students try to do without, and OER addersses that.

Faculty members are encouraged to collaborate with librarians, who will assist in identifying OER and textbook alternatives. More information is available here.

Library Reserves

We strongly encourage you to choose eReserves service at this time. Our eReserves platform integrates seamlessly with your Canvas course page. For articles and book chapters, we encourage you to see if the full text is available electronically from a library-owned resource. If you have any questions and concerns regarding eReserves service, please contact Stephanie Gross, Electronic Reserves Librarian, gross@yu.edu.

Reserves are readings and other materials that faculty members and instructors wish to make available to their students, either in hardcopy or electronically.

  • Required / suggested readings
  • Supplemental materials such as media, study guides, old exams, etc. 

Please use this online form to submit your request.

How do I Submit a Request for Library Reserves?

Suggest a Purchase

The Library welcomes your suggestions for additions to our collections. We value your expertise and will follow through whenever feasible. Please  submit the Suggest a Purchase Form or send your recommendations via email:

Hedi Steinberg Library (Beren) - Edith Lubetski, Lubetski@yu.edu

Mendel Gottesman Library of Hebraica/Judaica - Tina Weiss, tina.weiss@yu.edu

Pollack Library - Wendy Kosakoff, wendy.kosakoff@yu.edu

Interlibrary Loan

If we don't have it, we'll get it for you. Articles are usually delivered in electronic format as email attachments.

Submit requests here.

YAIR: Yeshiva Academic Institutional Repository

This repository accepts research and scholarship from YU faculty, staff, and students.

Current faculty, staff, and students of Yeshiva University can use YAIR Self-Deposit to deposit research materials in any digital format, including: articles, monographs, theses and dissertations, working papers, technical reports, conference papers and presentations, datasets, software code, images, video, and other multimedia creations.

For detailed guidance on scholarly publication, open access, copyright, repositories and data management, please refer to Yeshiva Academic Institutional Repository: User's Guide.

If you have other questions about the deposit process, please contact us at yair@yu.edu.