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Library Services During COVID-19: Grab & Go

Grab & Go

Grab & Go -  Books can be requested via webform for pickup on the Beren and Wilf Campuses.  

Grab & Go has launched on the Beren and Wilf Campuses. 

This service will allow current YU students, faculty and staff to borrow circulating print materials and pickup on campus.  

Items requested from the Hedi Steinberg Library collection will be available for pickup on the Beren Campus. 

Items from the Pollack Library and the Mendel Gottesman Library collections will be available for pickup on the Wilf Campus. 

Please note this as you search our catalog to locate items - as location is designated with location of availability. 

Books can be transported between campuses at this time.  Please note that moving books from one campus to another will take additional time.



I'd like to check out a book, is that possible?  Yes, it is! Please fill out the webform (also below on this page).

Are book pickups available daily? Information regarding Grab & Go pickups will be provided in the confirmation email.  Please await the email before attempting to pickup - important information including pickup time frame and location will be provided in the email Pickups are available on both the Beren and Wilf Campuses.  

Is there same day service - such that I place a request and items will be available the same day? Generally requests can take upwards of one day to fulfill.  

I'm not sure if YU has the book I'd like to check out? First step is to search YU library collections (you can use YUFind or the Books tab) - there you'll see if the book is available and which campus holds the item.

I'm a student at Wilf, but the book I need is at Beren - can it be transported to the Wilf Campus? We are able to transport books between campuses.  Please note that books can be transported, but will take additional time.  

What's the process from request to pick up? After the request is submitted, library staff members will prepare the item for pickup.  Once the item becomes available for your use, an email will be sent including pickup information such as location, days and time frame.  Kindly await the email for pickup information.

Who is eligible for to borrow through Grab & Go? Grab & Go is for current YU students, faculty and staff.

Are Hedi Steinberg Library (Beren Campus) and Pollack and Gottesman Libraries (Wilf Campus)  participating in Grab & Go? Yes!  All three libraries are participating in Grab & Go.

What days are pickup available?  Location and time specific information for pickup will be provided by email.  Kindly await the email notification for more information. Pickups may not be available at other times.

What types of material can I borrow through Grab & Go? Grab & Go will provide circulating material (items that are usually in the Stacks).  (Items excluded are those that don't usually circulate - such as reference books.)

I would like to access a few pages from a book that is in the reference section, can I?  While books in the reference section do not circulate, you may make a scan request for the selection. 

In the event that the item is not available on campus - library staff will advise.

At this time we are able to move books from Hedi Steinberg Library (Beren) to Pollack or Gottesman Libraries (Wilf) and vice versa.  Please consult for more details.

Grab & Go Service

Current YU faculty, students, and staff can request pickup of library materials at Hedi Steinberg Library (Beren Campus) and Mendel Gottesman Library (Wilf Campus).

How to Request Materials for Grab & Go:

  1. Search YULIS, the Yeshiva University Libraries catalog, to locate the material you are requesting.
  2. Enter the information on the Grab & Go Request Form Please note: not all books from the library collections are eligible for Grab & Go service.  
  3. Submit the request.
  4. The requested material will be checked out to you and you will receive notification with pick up information.  If follow up is needed, a member of the library staff will make contact.

How to Pick Up Materials:

Information will be emailed regarding times and locations for pickup of circulated materials at both the Hedi Steinberg Library (Beren Campus) and Pollack Library and Mendel Gottesman Library (Wilf Campus).

Borrowers should indicate their last name to the staff member upon arrival at the pickup location.  

Grab & Go Request Form