Pollack Group Study Room Policy

Pollack Group Study Room

Reserve a Pollack Group Study Room

Reserve Pollack Library group study rooms on this page, and then retrieve your room key from the circulation desk (2nd floor).

  • A group of students can reserve a group study room in 15 minute increments for up to 2 hours at a time.
  • Said group can renew a room reservation for up to 2 additional hours by asking library staff to extend their reservation if availability permits them.
  • When a group uses a room, no one within that group is able to make any further reservations on their own (regardless of whether they are the individual who made the original reservation or not). If any further reservations are possible for any member(s) of a group, such reservations can only be made via library staff.
  • Rooms are for student groups, and can only be reserved for individual use with advanced approval (minimum of 24 hours) by library staff.
  • Rooms are only for group study use--they are not for interviews, virtual doctor visits, attending a Zoom class, etc.

Terms & conditions:

  • YU IDs of all group members must be presented to library staff at the circulation desk (2nd floor) before entering your room.
  • If you do not arrive within 10-minutes after the reservation start time, you forfeit your reservation.
  • Keys must be returned when the reservation ends ($10 late fee + $10 every hour).
  • Rooms are for students and their schoolwork only. If used for other purposes, you may be blocked from making reservations.
  • No food. If you have food with you, you may be blocked from making reservations.
  • Do not move chairs in or out of the rooms, or you will be fined ($10).
  • Leave the room in good condition. Clean up trash and wipe down whiteboards, or you will be fined ($10).

Diagram / Map

Pollack library Group Study room Map