How to Find Books

Search Example:  How to find books on substance abuse treatment:

·    In the YULIS Catalog search box enter Substance Abuse Treatment.
·    Refine your search using limiters in the left margin of the results page.

Another strategy to identify keywords/find more books:
For example, to find books on mental health...
Search WorldCat.

  •  Enter any keyword(s) you know, eg. mental health.
  • Click on a title within the results, and:
    • If YU has the book, you can link directly to it if it's an e-book, or link to the YULIS catalog to find out how to get it.
    • Otherwise, click REQUEST ITEM to generate an interlibrary loan form pre-filled with the book information.  All you need to do is provide your information.
    • To find out more information about the book such as table of contents (in some cases) or subjects, click on DESCRIPTION.