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Architectural Research for New York City Buildings: Checklist

A methodology for researching the history of buildings.

Step 1: Consult AIA Guide to New York City to verify data

Step 2: View Library of Congress HABS (Historic American Buildings Survey) records

Historic American Buildings Survey

Search by building name keyword.  Omit "house," "farmhouse," "mansion."

Step 3: Search the New York Real Estate Brochure Collection by building name

The New York Real Estate Brochure Collection

Search by building name keyword.  Omit "house," "farmhouse," "mansion."  Also search by architect's name.

Step 4: Check the New York City Landmarks Commission designation reports with a keyword from the building name

If the building is a New York City landmark:

New York City Landmarks Preservation Commission designation reports.  Search by building name keyword.  Omit "house," "farmhouse," "mansion."  

Step 5: Search the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals with keywords (building name, architect)

Step 6: Search library catalogs by the architect's name

Search Libraries Worldwide via Worldcat

Interlibrary loan book request