eBooks Central Tutorial- Use the arrows at the side of the image to scroll through the images

The catalog record of an eBook Central e-book will indicate "electronic resource" and its link will specify "eBookCentral.ProQuest.com." 

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After you click on the link to access the e-book, you can choose between "read online" and "full download."

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If you choose "read online," then the book will show up on your screen. 

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Within the "read online" option, for a certain number of pages, you can print or download to PDF. To do so, you first will receive a prompt to log in with your YU log in.

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The YU log in page will appear on your screen. 

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Once you have logged in, you can download to PDF or print a chapter or up to a specified number of pages. You can create a citation in different citation styles as well. 

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If you select "full download" instead of "read online" or if you select the download icon within the "read online" toolbar, you will see a prompt to specify your type of device. 

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If you do not yet have Adobe Digital Editions, you will need to download this program in order to proceed. 

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You then can select a borrowing period of up to 21 days. If you are using a computer, the downloaded file will appear in your computer's download folder. 

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You then can read your e-book offline, for up to 21 days. 

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