Identify and Locate Books

YULIS Library Catalog

  • Search the "Quick Search" box on the YULIS Library Catalog home page (link above).
    For example if you are researching the temple of Onias in Leontopolis (Egypt) use "Onias" as the search term.
  • Click on a title of interest.
  • Click on "Details" to view the "full" record.
  • Notice the subject links in blue and use these to perform additional searches.
    You can either click a link or use that language to search the "Subject" field from the YULIS Advanced Search screen (link above).



Use the Worldcat database to identify additional books, which are not owned by the YU Libraries (link above).


Interlibrary Loan

With Interlibrary Loan, use a simple form (link above) to request that we borrow for you a book that the YU Libraries doesn't own.

Evaluate Reliability of Books

You should carefully choose among the books you find by considering some of the following:

  • Is the author of the book reliable? You can try to answer this question by seeing whether s/he is identified with an institution of higher learning (a Google or Bing search often provides the answer) and by looking up reviews of the book.  
  • Who is responsible for publication of the book? Books published by academic presses or institutions are generally more reliable.
  • When was the book written? More recent books have the advantage of relying on previous work.
  • Does the author provide source citations?  You should be able to verify the sources upon which the author based his work.