Citation Information

A research paper is not complete without a list of references.  Be sure to list all the academic sources consulted while conducting research for your paper.  Sources must be cited accurately and reliably throughout.  Please note: A submission without a reference list will not be considered. You must include in your accompanying statement which citation style you used.


The Purdue OWL is an excellent resource for help with citations.  Consult a YU librarian if you have questions about any aspect of your research.


The Writing Center provides the following helpful citation handouts:

APA , MLA, Chicago Manual of Style.  In addition, the library provides a guide to citations.

Academic Integrity and Artificial Intelligence

You are expected to be cognizant of Yeshiva University's Undergraduate Academic Integrity Policy.  In particular, a familiarity with section IV part B, which describes the "Unsanctioned Use of Artificial Intelligence" is important.