Past Winners

The following students have won the YU Library Research Award in the past.  You can be the first student to win this year's Research Award for your Honor's Thesis or Senior Project!

2022 Award Winner!

Congratulations to Sammy Friedman, YC '23, winner of the 2022 Student Library Research Award!

2021 Winner

Congratulations to Elisabeth Kohn, SCW '21, winner of the 2021 Student Library Research Award!

German Attitudes Towards the United States Under Donald Trump’s Presidency, Based on German Reporting

2020 Winner


Congratulations to David Levene, winner of the 2020 Student Library Research Award!

Family Therapy for the Treatment of Eating Disorders

2019 Winner

Congratulations to Alyssa Wruble, winner of the 2019 Student Library Research Award!  

Supervised Injection Facilities: How Facilitating Opioid Injections Can Save Lives (and Money)

2018 Winner

Congratulations to Samuel Gelman, winner of the 2018 Student Library Research Award!       

  • India and America: A New Special Relationship? An Analysis of the Future Alliance between the United States and India