Search Techniques Tips

Choosing the correct search terms and knowing how to set search parameters can change the outcome of your search results for the better. Some search tips:

  • Try different synonyms, as this can change the results list. E.g. "dyscalculia" vs "math learning disability."
  • Take into account abbreviations. E.g. "math" for 'mathematics."
  • Use the advanced search feature to narrow your search beforehand. E.g. by date or by subject. 
  • Filter your search after you have the results to focus the results more toward your topic. E.g. by date or by subject. 
  • Use the subject headings located in each record to determine if the item substantially deals with your subject. You also can click on the subject headings to access more items on that topic. 
  • Use "control F" or "command F" to find specific words within a digital article or book. 

Following these search tips can help to streamline your search results list, which can save you time and effort. 

Search Techniques Video

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