Primary Book Sources

Reallexikon der Assyriologie - 5th floor- Gottesman Reference DS69.1 .R4

Civilizations of the ancient Near East / Jack M. Sasson, editor in chief - 5th floor - Gottesman Reference  DS57 .C55

Vol. 1, pt. 1. Ancient Near East in Western thought. pt. 2. The Environment. pt. 3. Population. pt. 4. Social institutions

Vol. 2. pt. 5. History and culture

Vol. 3. pt. 6. Economy and trade. pt. 7. Technology and artistic production. pt. 8. Religion and science

Vol. 4. pt. 9 Language, writing, and literature. pt. 10. Visual and performing arts. pt. 11. Retrospective essays




ETANA: Electronic Tools and Ancient Near East Archives - A vast database of resources on the ancient Near East. Contains links to many hundreds of articles searchable by author, title, subject or keyword.


Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative

The Cuneiform Digital Library Initiative (CDLI) represents the efforts of an international group of Assyriologists, museum curators and historians of science to make available through the internet the form and content of cuneiform tablets dating from the beginning of writing, ca. 3350 BC, until the end of the pre-Christian era.