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Legal Research Intro: Begin Here

About this Guide

Legal Resource Intro is a libguide that shows how to find legal sources. 
  • Bookmark/Save the libguide to your computer, as you will find yourself going there often.

  • To view the libguide while searching a database, you need to split your screen.

For each window you want to view side by side, click the "restore down" button (next to the x) in the upper right hand corner.
Use your mouse to drag the corners of the screen so it takes up half of your screen.

If your keyboard doesn't have this feature, toggle between the two windows via Ctrl-Tab/Command-Tab.

Library Home Page

If you prefer to do your research from the Library Home Page: 

Click at the top left of this guide

or go to

To access a database from the Home Page, e.g., Nexis Uni  or HeinOnline:


Search the database name

Click on the database link



Much of the this guide is based on "Legal Resources" by Linda Rich of Bowling Green State University.