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Legal Research Intro: Citations

How to Cite

Citation Style

Below are tutorials on how to get the citation from the two main databases: Nexis Uni and YUFind.

Note that when prompted to choose a specific style--from these or any database, choose APA.

Deciphering Citations

A legal citation references a specific legal resource such as a statute, legal case, or law journal article, and typically includes the volume number, name of resource, and page or section number.  See examples below.

Statutory law

Citation:  42 U.S.C. § 2000b

Translation:  Title (volume) 42 of the United States Code section 2000b.

Case law

Citation:   Kriescher v. Fox Hills Golf Resort  384 F. 3d 912

Translation:  Case name Kriescher v. Fox Hills Golf Resort, found in volume 384 of the Federal Reporter, 3rd series, starting on page 912

Law Review Article

Citation:  12 Marq. Sports L. Rev. 347

Translation:   Volume 12 of the Marquette Sports Law Review, starting on page 347.