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My professor suggested I search specifically JSTOR/Rambi.

A professor might direct you to specialized databases for various reasons:

  • The journals contained in them are all scholarly.
  • The indexing is more sophisticated than in a general resource such as YUFind.

Note that in addition to or instead of searching these individual databases, you might want to search YUFind and then in the left margin filters, limit the "content provider" to Rambi and/or JSTOR.

Obtaining the full text, where available, to articles in Rambi is often simpler in YUFind.

For help in searching Rambi, Ask a Librarian!

My professor suggested I search specifically Bar Ilan.

Certain databases are not indexed at all in YUFind, meaning you won't find Bar Ilan articles in a YUFind search.

So you will need to search the database directly.

Search a *Specific* Database

A-Z Database List

All of the databases that YU subscribes to. Browse by title or subject.

  • Database interfaces vary, but look for some standard features: search, narrow results, create citations.
  • Full-text - look for pdf icon, or the words "HTML Full Text," "Find Full Text," or "Get Full Text."