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Holocaust Studies Resources: Home

Key resources for MS in Holocaust & Genocide Studies students.

Getting Started

Public domain image of the entrance to Auschwitz.


Yeshiva University's Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies is a new online program centered on the Holocaust and other genocides perpetrated from the early 20th century to today. Troves of writing, historical documents, art, testimonies, and other materials have been created and compiled in the years following the Holocaust, giving it the "dubious distinction" of being the most widely documented genocide in human history.


Given this vast universe of Holocaust documentation and literature, YU's libraries have collected a variety of relevant resources for Fish Center students. These include print materials and eBooks; scholarly journals and databases; oral and video testimonies; historical archives including maps, government documents, and photo collections; links to Holocaust museums and memorials around the world; and so much more. These resources are entirely free to you as a student of Yeshiva University, and intended to help enrich your learning experience with us. 


Whether this guide helps you deepen your research, complete an assignment, or expand your understanding and awareness of this most tragic historical event, we hope it helps make your academic life easier and more fulfilling. Simply use the tabs above to navigate to and between particular pages.


Any questions or concerns? Chat with us in real time, book a one-on-one research consultation, or send us an email. We are always happy to help. 


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