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Search the YULIS Catalog for books available at the Pollack, Gottesman, and Hedi Steinberg libraries; and for ebooks that can be viewed online anywhere.

(Note: an ebook is identified by ebook ) 

There are several ways to search a topic in the YULIS Catalog.  Here are two:

1. Author/Title/Subject search:

Select SUBJECT on the first drop-down menu, and enter your subject.
Select 'starts with' on the second drop-down menu.
On the results page you can refine your search by YU locationpublication datelanguage, or format (such as journal or e-book).

2. Advanced Search, combining two terms in relation to one another--e.g., "mental illness" and stigma.

You can limit your search by YU locationlanguage, or format (such as journal or e-book).
On the results page you can further refine the search by these parameters as well as by publication date.

The library of the Albert Einstein College of Medicine  is a rich source of books and journals in the mental health field. A link to the Albert Catalog is found at the bottom of the libraries' home page.

There too are links to the catalog of the Cardozo Law Library (Ben), which may be useful in the pursuit of topics on the legal aspects of mental function.

Browsing the Shelves

You can also browse the shelves of the Reference and Circulating collections for books on your subject. Keep in mind that the footnotes and bibliographies in timely books will lead you to further materials on your topic. Some of the most common call numbers in Psychology are:

BF 1-999: General Psychology

BL 53-54: Psychology of Religion

HM 1121-1126: Social Psychology

HQ 1-2044: Family

LB 1050.9-1091: Educational Psychology

RA 790-790.95: Mental Health & Mental Illness

RC 435-571: Psychiatry

RJ 499-507: Child Psychiatry