Interlibrary Loan

Any book or article not owned by or accessed through your home library (on the Wilf or Beren campuses) may be requested via Interlibrary Loan. This includes materials from the Stern, Pollack, and Gottesman libraries, the libraries at Einstein and Cardozo, or any other library in the country--even if you don't know where your book or article is to be found!

Simply fill out the ILL form online, with as much information as you have. Submit it. Materials from a library inside YU will take 1-3 business days to arrive. Materials from elsewhere may take up to 14 business days. You will be notified when your item comes in; and you may claim it at the Circulation Desk  on the second floor of your home library.

To request a renewal of a book from another library, contact

New York Public Library

To see if the New York Public Library has a book you are looking for, go to, and enter the author's name or keywords from the title (or both) in the line at the top right of the screen.


If the YU libraries and the New York Public Library do not have the item you need--but you know that a certain library in the New York City area does have it--you may request a MetroPass from a Reference Librarian. This pass will entitle you to enter the host library and consult the item you seek. (Note: You will not be able to take the book out, though you may make copies.)


A link to the WorldCat database is found in the list of YU databases. It also may be searched directly below. WorldCat "lets you search the collections of libraries in your community and thousands more around the world" all at once. Using WorldCat, you can find a book or other resource on your topic that may be in YU or in another library nearby. For more detail, see "What is WorldCat?".

Search for an item in libraries near you: >>


Google Books

You can find a link to Google Books under "Search & Find" on the libraries' home page menu and below. Use Google Books to bring up the full text of books in the public domain, housed at some of the world's major libraries. Citations, or snippets from books still in copyright are also to be found here; and in some cases such books may be browsed, and the information given as to where to buy or borrow them. For more information, go to "About Google Books."

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