Searching Basics




Many databases offer BASIC SEARCH and ADVANCED SEARCH options.

Basic Search has only one search box and is a more general search. A Basic Search is basically a KEYWORD search.

DEFINITION: A KEYWORD is a general search term relevant to your topic. The database looks for a keyword  in the SUBJECT, TITLE, and even AUTHOR headings of the articles in its content. Your search results may include items with the keyword anywhere in the article - even if it's the author's name!

You can search for a specific article by entering the article title and/or name(s) of the author(s) in the BASIC database search box. 

Advanced Search allows more search options and is more specific. Usually, there are at least 3 search boxes to enter your search terms - which permit targeting your search by KEYWORD, AUTHOR, TITLE, or SUBJECT.

These images illustrate the BASIC and ADVANCED SEARCH modes on YUFind.


YUFind Basic (Keyword) Search 

YUFind Advanced Search 

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