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Content Repository


  1. Off-campus resource access for Alumni
    1. See available resources at
    2. Register for an account by clicking the link at that site or
    3. Once your account is activated you will receive an email confirming access.  Time frame: 24 hrs
  2. Use of YULIS PCs only, without printing
    1. If you are a recent grad, try logging with you YUAD into an Academic Computer.
      If unsuccessful, your YUAD was deactivated from Academic Computers.
    2. Next try logging with your YUAD into a YULIS PC.
      If unsuccessful, follow next steps:
    3. Obtain and complete "Alumni Access Form" at Circulation Desk.
    4. You will receive an email with login info. Time Frame: 1-2 days
  3. Printing & Copying
    1. Request a Printing/Copying card at the circulation desk. 
    2. Activate the card: On the designated PC (next to the Circulation Desk), complete the online form, and swipe the Printing/Copying card when prompted.
    3. Add funds to the card by swiping it at kiosk next to copier. Costs: $.20/page; $1.00/color page
    4. To copy, swipe the card at a copier.
    5. To print, send the print job to a PC from a YULIS PC, and swipe the card at a release station to release the job.
  4. Checking out books
    1. First request an Alumni ID (free) from the Alumni Office.
    2. Bring your Alumni ID to the Circulation Desk, and request a Library Registration card. Fill out the card.
    3. Once your information is entered by the Circulation Desk staff, you may begin checking out books. 
    4. Cost: $25/six months or $50/year.

Faculty/Staff How-Tos

PC Access

Can log into any Academic or YULIS PC.


If not yet active in Pharos, request printing/copying account, via or at Belfer 1315.


10 cents/page. 600 pages (value of $60) is free each semester.

Holders of older (pre-2017) IDs

Request a new ID card from Security.

Guests: PC Access & Printing/Copying

Use of YULIS PCs for visiting scholars only

  1. Judaic Studies Scholars - contact Shuli Berger. 
  2. General Studies Scholars - contact Sandy Moore.

Printing & Copying for all Guests

  1. Ask at circulation desk for a printing/copying card.
  2. Fill out online form on designated PC.  Then swipe the card at that PC to initiate it
  3. Add $ to card by swiping it at kiosk next to copier. [$.20/page; $1.00/color printed page]
  4. To copy, swipe card at copier.
  5. To print, send print job from a YULIS PC, and swipe card at release station to release job.