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Technology-in-the-Library FAQs

How do I print in the library?

Send your print job (Ctrl-Print, or click on Printer Icon).

If not already selected, select one of the STUDENT printers.

Sign in to either a B&W or color Pharos release station (depending on which you chose for your print job) and release your job. 

How do I connect with YU Wireless?

How do I find my YUAD?

Find your credentials

Why can't I open/print this document on this computer?

There are 2 kinds of PC computers in the library:

  1. "YULIS PCs": You can print pdf files from a webpage (like those that are part of a library database), but can't open/print/save other documents.
  2. Regular Full-Service PCs & Macs: You can open/print most kinds of files/documents.

Click here to for a chart of what kind of computers are where in the libraries.

How do I switch a keyboard from English to Hebrew (and vice-versa)?

Press both the ALT key and the SHIFT key at the same time.

How do I login to access the electronic resources from off-campus?

(This includes E-Reserves, library databases and electronic journal articles, and e-books.) It's easy! Click here for instructions.

If I have a technology-in-the-library question, who do I talk to?

  • For help with computers in the library and printing/copying/scanning, library staff may be able to help.
  • For off-campus access to library resources, email
  • For help with other technology issues, contact Academic Computing.
    • Wilf Campus - Belfer Hall Room 1315 - 800-829-7418
    • Beren Campus - 245 Lexington Ave. Room 323 - 212.340.7772
    • Email: