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Content Repository

Using Keywords

Searching the library catalog is different than searching Google.  

Keyword is a term that represents the main concept of your research topic.  Using keywords improves search outcomes.

When you are developing these keywords consider:

  • What are the most important words/phrases in your research question
  • How to describe your topic
  • How might someone else search for your topic
  • Do you need to use subject specific terminology
  • Synonyms

CRAAP Test - Helpful to evaluate Websites

Search Engines

While Google is most often used to search for information on the Internet, there are other search engines that are worth examining.

DuckDuckGo doesn't track your searches.

DogPile gets the best from other search engines.  It is also known as a "metasearch engine."

Bing and Yahoo! are other options.

Using The Internet

The Internet is a valuable tool for writing college-level papers.   Here are some helpful resources for finding reliable resources.

Resource Reliability