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Wendy Kosakoff

Stop by:  2nd floor Reference Desk, Pollack Library (Wilf Campus)

Hours:  Monday: 9:00 - 5:30, Tuesday - Thursday: 11:30 - 9:00


Call me:  646-592-4459

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    The CRAAP Test: Evaluating Material from the Web with a Skeptical Eye

    Apply the CRAAP test to materials you find on the Internet to be sure you have found appropriate resources.

    C: Currency -- When was it published?  Updated?

    R: Relevance -- Does the information relate to my topic?  What audience was it written for?

    A: Authority -- Who is the creator? Author? Are they qualified? Does the URL tell you anything? (.edu, .gov, .com, etc)

    A: Accuracy -- Are there references?  Are there errors? Broken links?

    P: Purpose -- Is the information opinion or fact? Scholarly? Biased? Is it balanced?  


    [Deadly Winter Storm Riley Hammers Mid-Atlantic, Northeast (PHOTOS)]

    Deadly Winter Storm Riley Hammers Mid-Atlantic, Northeast (PHOTOS)

    [World's 18 Weirdest Beaches (PHOTOS)]

    World's 18 Weirdest Beaches (PHOTOS)

    [Most Amazing Hikes in Every State (PHOTOS)]

    Most Amazing Hikes in Every State (PHOTOS)


    [Fan Photos]
    [Commuter Forecast]


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