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Content Repository

Subject Databases

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We have 100s of individual subject databases, which come from a wide range of vendors and are searched individually.


  • Great for finding targeted information related to a topic, when you already have a good sense of relevant fields/disciplines and appropriate source types, so you know how to choose a database.
  • Includes sources for statistics/datasets, research instruments & measures, as well as academic journal articles.
  • Subjects covered include Education, Jewish Studies, Psychology, Social Work, & etc.
  • 75% of subject databases are included in the YUFind search (see above), but here you can access the other 25% as well.


  • Each database is searched individually.


Finding Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Articles

1. Google Scholar

2. In any online database

  • Look for a check box to limit to "academic," "scholarly," or "peer-reviewed."

3. From a search results page in a database

  • Look for a check box or drop-down menu to limit to "academic," "scholarly," or "peer-reviewed."


Scholarly or Academic Journals (or books): books or journals in which the scholarship or research of an academic discipline is published. Scholarly journals are usually but not always peer-reviewed.

Peer-Reviewed or Refereed Journals (or articles, or books): articles or books that have been submitted to a panel of experts in the discipline for review prior to publication. This process provides a greater assurance that the research presented is sound.

Research or Empirical Research: research articles or books that describe and document research conducted by the author(s). Empirical studies are based on data derived from observation or experimentation.

Primary vs. Secondary Sources

Primary source - "an artifact, a document, a recording or other source of information that was created at the time under study. It serves as an original source of information about the topic."

Secondary source - a source "that was created later by someone who did not experience first-hand or participate in the events or conditions you’re researching.”

Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sources

Conducting Your Own Primary Research

Search 100s of Places at Once -- Across Disciplines

Search a *Specific* Database

A-Z Database List

All of the databases that YU subscribes to. Browse by title or subject.

  • Database interfaces vary, but look for some standard features: search, narrow results, create citations.
  • Full-text - look for pdf icon, or the words "HTML Full Text," "Find Full Text," or "Get Full Text."

Find Books - Search the YULIS Library Catalog

YULIS Library Catalog

Search here to find books, e-books, journals, e-journals, DVDs & etc. that the library owns or subscribes to. Direct links to electronic resources.

  • Click on Title for more info.
  • Look for "Location" and "Call Number" to locate the book.
  • Includes both Wilf and Beren Campus Libraries.

Find Info on the Open Web

Searches the open web for information. Beware of unreliable sources!

  • Use for preliminary research.
  • But make sure your prof's okay with web info for your final assignment.

Government Information

U.S. Federal Government Information

State & Local Government Information

Statistics Sources

U.S. Statistics

New York City Data

World Data

Other Data / Statistics Sources



General Sources

Best Bet Databases for Political Science

Serials Directory

Need to Know?

  • Is this a "peer-reviewed" journal?

  • Who publishes this journal, anyway?

Serials Directory
Searchable database of information about academic journals, newspapers, and other periodicals published in the US and internationally. Searches may be limited to Scholarly (Peer-Reviewed) Journals.

Direct Links to Our Most Popular Databases

Most Popular

All Databases (250+!), A to Z

Best Bet Websites for Political Science

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