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Group Study Room Policy

Library staff may limit or refuse access to those who fail to comply with policies outlined below.

Group study rooms may be used exclusively by current YU students for academic purposes.

Check Out a Key at the Check Out & Info Desk, 2nd Floor


Available on a first-come, first-served basis.
Rooms only available ½ hour after library opens.
Keys must be returned ½ hour before closing.

Room Size/Group Size: - Single-user reservations are not valid.

Small Rooms: #305, #306, #307 - 2-4 students

Medium Rooms: #210, #211, #311, #312 - 4-6 students

Large Rooms: #308,  #309 - 6-8 students

Bring to the 2nd floor main desk:

All members of your group.
Valid YU student IDs.

Check Out:

2-hour check-out.
FINE FOR LATE RETURN: $10.00 during 1st hour; $10 more each successive hour; $240.00 maximum.

Group Study Room Rules

Noise Level:

Rooms are not soundproof.
Please maintain a noise level that does not disturb others.

Room Cleanliness and furnishings:

Do not move furniture into or out of rooms.
Leave the room in the same condition you found it, eg., throw out trash.

At the end of the session:

Return all library materials to the Check Out & Info Desk.
Remove all personal items.
Lock the room.
Return the key to the Check Out & Info Desk.
FINE FOR LATE RETURN: $10.00 during 1st hour; $10 more each successive hour; $240.00 maximum.

Items left in the room:

Library resources will be re-shelved.
Personal items will be sent to Lost & Found.
The library is not responsible for personal property left in rooms.

Group Study Room Diagram / Map

Pollack library Group Study room Map