Yeshiva University Libraries
Yeshiva College Dean's Office to celebrate

  • The 75th Anniversary of Yeshiva College and
  • The Centennial of Einstein's Miraculous Year

Jay and Jeanie Schottenstein Honors Program of Yeshiva College
Rabbi Arthur Schneier Center for International Affairs


Unless otherwise noted, all objects in this exhibit are from  the collections of Yeshiva University's Libraries or  from its Office of Photographic Services.

Special thanks to

  • Albert Einstein Archives,
  • The Jewish National and University Library,
  • The Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Yeshiva University Curators:

Neer Asherie, Asst.Prof.of Physics and Biology
Pearl Berger, Benjamin Gottesman Librarian, Dean of Libraries
Shulamith Berger, Curator of Special Collections
Gabriel Cwilich, Chair of Physics Department
Will Lee, Director, Yeshiva College Honors Program
Elizabeth Stewart, Asst. Prof. of English

Exhibit Designers:

Hirsch & Associates Fine Art Services, Inc.
Principal, Consultant: Oliver Hirsch
Project Coordinator: Janelle Beaty

Exhibit Website:

Original Website Designer: Wilcina Lonodon,
Yeshiva University Libraries Web & Digital Services
Drew H Schneider, Library Circulation Associate


Profs. Jeffrey Gurock, Gil Perl, and Ellen Schrecker